Let’s keep things simple.

We could write a long winded Privacy Policy full of legal jargon and hithertos but we wanted to try to just communicate in plain english. That said, if we get something wrong or you feel like we’re not addressing something please reach out immediately.

  1. We don’t collect any personal data.
  2. We don’t track you.
  3. We don’t use cookies so we don’t need any stupid, obtrusive banners wrecking our sweet, sweet design.
  4. If you provide information via the Contact form, we don’t sell that information. We won’t put you on some spammy mailing list either.
  5. The information you provide via the Contact form is transmitted over an encrypted connection and stored in a secure database on Google’s secure servers. We use best in class encryption.
  6. Information collected via the Contact form, or via email, is used solely to make a business connection. Contact form information will go into a secure database and will be deleted periodically.
  7. We don’t use analytics on our site. However, we do count visits (as a number only) so that we know whether more or less users are visiting each week. We don’t track any personal information like your IP address, country, age, etc. That’s not nice. If you want to opt out of this, enable the Do Not Track setting in your browser then we won’t count you.
Again, if you have any concerns or think we are missing anything, please reach out at We'd love to answer your questions.